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Automotive and Light Truck Services in Moose Jaw

Flattop Automotive Inc. is located in Moose Jaw, providing ultimate automotive and light truck services for those in the area. We offer a range of services that include anything from computer diagnostics to general tune ups. Our team of auto mechanics have experience with repairs, maintenance work, and complete replacements. We know our way around a variety of brands at Flattop Automotive Inc., which include the following:

  • Moog
  • Monroe
  • Raybestos
  • Kleenflo
  • Wix
  • Carter
  • Standard
  • Shell

Read through our comprehensive list of services below, and be sure to give us a call to request an appointment with one of our trusted mechanics today!

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Computer Diagnostics

To receive the proper diagnosis for any issues with your vehicle or light truck, we offer full computer diagnostics to get to the root of them. Our state-of-the-art technology can determine where the problem is, what caused it, and how to fix it. If something feels off with your vehicle or if the check engine light comes on, stop into Flattop Automotive Inc. to get it checked out immediately.


Flattop Automotive Inc. provides top quality brake services to ensure you and your passengers are safe on the road. We are the experts when it comes to brake solutions. There are many different warning signs that may pop up, which indicate you should get your system checked right away. These include the brake dashboard light coming on, the brakes feeling spongy or slower to respond, and a grinding or squealing sound whenever you brake. The anti-lock brake system (ABS) light may come on as well. If you notice these symptoms, give us a call or stop in as soon as possible.


You can tell when your vehicle requires suspension work when your ride feels bumpier than usual, you experience hard turning, and tire wear appearing uneven. Wandering wheels is another symptom – you can test this by observing whether or not your car pulls to one side or another while you are attempting to drive in a straight line. We provide complete vehicle inspections to discover the exact suspension work you require. This will keep your wheels on the ground and your vehicle driving straight in no time.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning troubles can be the toughest to deal with, especially during warm summer months. Flattop Automotive Inc. provides full scale air conditioning services that include maintenance, repair, and replacement of your system. If it isn’t cool enough or simply not working, bring your vehicle in and we can get started fixing this issue for you.

Tune Up

For a quick tune up to make sure your vehicle is running as efficiently as possible, we offer general services to check over your crucial systems and ensure they are in working condition. These tune up services include an inspection of the brakes, electrical systems, tires, suspension, and engine. Your safety is our number one goal.


No matter the electrical issue, Flattop Automotive Inc. will get to the bottom of it with high tech equipment. Once diagnosed, our mechanics will move forward with maintenance, repairs, or replacements within the electrical systems that require it. We fix blinkers, anti-lock brake systems, and so much more. If your wiring needs some TLC, come into our auto repair shop and request a checkup!


Your tires need to be inflated properly, rotated, and inspected regularly to ensure you are getting the most value out of them. The better they function, the longer they last and the safer you will be. We have new tires in supply to replace a flat or worn tire, as well as experienced mechanics who can rotate and put more air in your existing tires.

High Performance Part Sales

If you need a specific part for your vehicle or light truck, Flattop Automotive Inc. provides high performance part sales as well! We carry a wide selection of supplies and parts to replace your existing systems or simply provide the repair you need. Our mechanics can help you pick out the right part your vehicle requires, and either install or provide professional advice as to how to install it yourself. Be sure to come by and check out our automotive parts today!

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